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Warm fall leaves slim pickings for Alaska caribou hunters

Though the bulk of the Nelchina caribou have already moved into Unit 11 and the Nabesna area, there may be enough stragglers for limited success.
Alaska's Unit 13 winter caribou finale began Oct 21. The season remains open (unless shut by emergency order) until the end of March, but in late October the Nelchina caribou herd is most accessible as it moves from summering grounds in the Alaska Range and the Talkeetna Mountains to winter range east of Mentasta. The late October season opening often coincides with the migration of the herd through the Alphabet Hills and across the Richardson Highway south of Paxson.

Most of the caribou moved early this season. Hunters along the eastern Denali and Richardson highways had good success the last few days of the September season. There are still a few pockets of animals scattered along the Denali, but hunters working that area will need to stay alert.

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